The Ground Floor Stage has been a staple of the independent stage scene at the world’s largest musical festival, Summerfest, since 2015. The stage and brand were started by local Milwaukee musician Jon Rouse and stemmed from the ideas of keeping musicians in the loop of the local scene and making Summerfest accessible to the surrounding areas’ up and coming acts. The Ground Floor Stage has hosted many local and extended local musicians and performers inside and outside the Summerfest festival grounds. Founded on the ideals of supporting independent and local, underground musicians, the stage and brand represents the musical underdogs trying to broaden their performance horizons as well as bring the “lesser known” talent to the public eye! Musical and performance networking, team building, and collaborative support are the main goals of the brand and stage. We look forward to seeing everybody during the festival runs and events, and making new friends, supporters, and collaborators during our endeavors. We encourage you to join us! We support independent musicians and performers for free! We are a not-for-profit, independently funded, and community-supported hub for musicians, performers, fans, friends, family, and the general public alike to experience new sounds, sights, and experiences!